Data Collector

The One2OneUS Data Collectorsm service provides a robust and extremely flexible interface between One2OneUS and your data. One2OneUS is capable of managing multiple data feeds from multiple sources, in order to achieve your specific goals.

Our Data Collectorsm can handle data in all electronic formats. Some examples include EDI, XML, Delimited, Fixed record length, and Spreadsheets. Collected data is then translated and normalized in our custom data warehouse system.

Validation algorithms are used to ensure completeness and accuracy on each submission of data. The data received is the key to success, in order to ensure contract compliance, deviated price auditing, rebate collection, allowance auditing, etc.

The One2OneUS Data Collectorsm is at the front end of your success.

Virtual Sales Manager

The Virtual Sales Managersm service allows you to view your data in a cloud-based dashboard format, to help you achieve your business goals.

Listed here are some key features of the VSM:

24/7/365 Access
Easy to Use
Message Center Alerts & Notifications
Set Target Goals
Export Data
Customizable Views

The One2OneUS Virtual Sales Managersm allows you to quickly compare data in order to identify lost sales, new sales, end-user purchasing trends and much more.

Market Analysis

The One2OneUS Market Analysissm service is the primary tool used to provide analytical information about your data. The analytics produced are centered around the various data elements obtained via our Data Collectorsm service, after they have been scrubbed for accuracy. Your organization’s analytical tools are completely customizable in order to streamline and pinpoint the specific needs required by your organization.

With the use of Reports, Charts, Graphs, Colors and other visual aids, our Market Analysissm service makes our analytics easy to interpret.

The One2OneUS Market Analysissm service is the tool that provides visibility of your purchases.

Product Track

The One2OneUS Product Tracksm service is responsible for generating all types of velocity reports for your organization. The ability to properly track your purchasing information down to the various channel partners will provide great insight into your business, as well as, uncover the leverage necessary to properly negotiate with channel partners.

Listed here are a few reports that are available from our Product Tracksm system:

Velocity reports by
Distributor House
Manufacturer reports by
Product Code (GTIN, UPC, SKU)
Brand Name
Category Reports

The Product Tracksm service provides the ability to generate analytics summarized by any data element collected via our Data Collectorsm service.

Promotion Track

The One2OneUS Promotion Tracksm service is used to track promotions such as deviated pricing, rebate and allowance programs and more. One2OneUS can optionally handle the monetary aspects of promotion tracking and fund collection, including escrow account management. Your organization will have visibility of your escrow account, as well as the ability to audit the account when applicable. One2OneUS can handle all of the related collections efforts, as well as assist in any dispute remediation.

The Promotions Tracksm system can show your organization the actual savings associated with your contract negotiations.

Audit Track

The One2OneUS Audit Tracksm provides our customers with the necessary audit information to ensure contract compliance among all parties. Whether you have contracted special margins, mark ups or even specific terms down to the product level, our Audit Tracksm service ensures all terms are monitored with full visibility.

All deviations to contract terms can be reported to all related parties. Reimbursement of any funds due to any parties can be collected and distributed appropriately.

The Audit Tracksm service is here to ensure all parties are complying to the terms of your negotiated contracts.